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Sketchy situations are the norm for me and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I kinda set myself up to deal with tricky shit.

Whats good?

Enjoying the last few days of T-Shirt weather here in Philadelphia before I can start getting really excited for the winter.


Who were you before you picked up a camera? How’d that moment change the course of your life?

I picked up a camera my freshmen year of high school. Before then I kept to myself mainly and was extremely passionate with my hobbies which revolved around making things with my hands. When I was in 5th grade I got a welder and an air compressor for Christmas if that kind of explains that. Always technically minded while trying to create new things in my parents basement out of old bikes and electronics. When I got into high school I started riding BMX with some local kids which lead me into photography because we all wanted to document what we were doing. Shooting photos to capture our adventures and or progress is something that I really loved and it still shines through to this day. 


How do you see your life today as opposed to what you envisioned for yourself as a kid?

As a child, and to this day, I never really set expectations for myself. Ive always been more focused on what Im currently doing, and what I'm going to be doing in the near future. I guess Im where I thought I would be, but just with a much bigger following. When I first got into photography the only social media I was involved with was Myspace which wasn't really a platform to show off my work to the world and the only popular people were the scene chicks haha.


We know you get around. What is the most sketch situation you've gotten yourself into during your travels?

Sketchy situations are the norm for me and I'd be lying if I didn't say I kinda set myself up to deal with tricky shit. I love terrible weather and chasing storms, I love the thrill of shooting in places I shouldn't be, and I love pushing the limits of myself and my sanity to have fun. Scariest situation I wasn't planning for was probably being chased by 3 guard dogs out of an abandoned mansion at 6 AM in a blizzard after shooting inside for 20 minutes. 


Who is inspiring you right now? can explain or share a link

I'm much more inspired by my friends and my own adventures and road trips than I am any photographers I don't know. I post my more personal stuff on my account @therealshitjimmyshoots which is stuff that means more to me but I know most of my followers don't care about.


Where do you call home? does your location play a role in your creativity?

I live in Philadelphia which is a pretty cool place. Its low-key, much more chill than NYC, but theres still always stuff going on. There are tons of great people here and some really talented photographers and models. Unfortunately Philly doesn't have a big market for the kind of photography that my friends and I enjoy so theres not much money to be made here for us, but that makes it special for us. If I could be somewhere else with some bigger mountains I would love that, but for now I have no complaints.


Anyone you’ve crossed paths with that made a major impact on you as an artist?

Both my parents were extremely artistic and have instilled inspiration and knowledge in me since I was really young. They taught me how to be aware of my own creativity and how to be respectful of others. No one has ever helped as much as they have. 


Is it important to you to be a part of a creative community or are you more of a lone wolf?

I LOVE being able to be apart of the community. I think it's one of the most rewarding things you can do as an artist, but I do try to keep the creation of my personal work more of a secretive and solo process.


What drives you to keep pushing forward?

I just love the process. If I lived in the middle of no where with no internet you can bet I would still be shooting roll after roll of film and developing and printing it in my basement. 


What is one of the biggest challenges you face as someone who follows their heart and passion?

Peoples reception of your work will always affect anyone passionate about what they do. Its good to take criticism but you really can't let it change who you are and what you ultimately want to make. 


Are you happy with your work?

Absolutely! I wish I could travel more and photograph more new friends but for what my life situation is right now, I think Im doing a good job. 


Plan B?

I think women, and women only should be able to have a say with what they do with their bodies. 


Aside from photography, do you have any other creative outlets?

Starting to get more and more into making movies. It takes so much more patience and practice but Its so rewarding to see it when its all finished.


Whats next?

Trying to spend as much time as possible this winter playing in the snow and traveling out west!

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